Family Law

Family Law

Deborah understands that families are defined in many different ways.  Whether your family is welcoming a new family member or going through a separation or divorce, Deborah can help make sure that all the legal requirements are met to be certain you don't have any worries for yourself or your family going forward.  Changes to your family are stressful, even if it is a good change, and you would be best served by having an experienced and seasoned practitioner by your side throughout the transition.  Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption, Protection from Abuse, Child support, Spousal Support, and Domestic Partnerships all present different challenges that Deborah has been tackling for almost 29 years.  Sometimes the best approach to a confrontational home situation is a soft touch, which Deborah is happy to lend to your situation.  However, sometimes you need a strong advocate that will boldly fight for your rights.  You won't find a stronger or more savvy litigator than Deborah.  She has handled hundreds of family law matters over the years in numerous counties in northeastern Pennsylvania.  She will counsel and guide you through whatever challenges face your family with honest, compassionate, and well-informed advice and advocacy.  

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