Deborah Albert-Heise

Deborah Albert-Heise manages hundreds of cases per year in a general practice of law, including areas of family law, estate planning and real estate.

The Law Offices of Deborah Albert-Heise

Mission Statement

Deborah Albert-Heise began the practice of law in order to help people in her community navigate the inevitable curve balls that life will throw your way.  She strives to offer professional, competent, compassionate, confidential and discreet legal services to make your situation better and provide you with peace of mind.  Her mission is to aide the community by solving problems for you as painlessly as possible while offering competitive and reasonable fees that won't break the bank.

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My Staff

Christine Aiken

Holley Sickler

Holley is a full-time legal secretary with the Law Offices of Deborah Albert-Heise, Esquire for 2 years.  She is a wife and mother living in our community, and she brings her wonderful, positive personality to the office.  She is the first person that greets people upon entering the office.  Holley is a hard-working and devoted employee, dedicated to helping the clients in any way possible.  She will be more than happy to assist you with leaving messages, making appointments, making payments, dropping off documents or anything else that you may need.  Holley is a wealth of general information and is more than willing to try to help you figure out where you're going and what you need to do.

Christine Aiken (Crissy) 

Crissy is and has been a full-time paralegal with the Law Offices of Deborah Albert-Heise, Esquire for 20 years.  She is a wife and mother living in our community, and she understands the challenges that face people in our community on a daily basis.  Crissy is often able to answer questions and provide guidance to clients quickly when Deborah is unavailable.  She is organized, detail-oriented and responsive to the needs of the clients to the utmost extent.   Crissy also handles many issues for clients of a problematic nature when something does not go as planned.  Her problem-solving skills are second to none, and she anxiously awaits helping you with your legal needs.

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Superior Competency

Deborah stays up-to-date on all changing areas of legal practice and even teaches updates to others from time to time.  She keeps active memberships in the Wyoming/Sullivan County Bar Association, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association.  She is licensed to practice in any county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all Pennsylvania Appellate court as well as all Federal courts.  Deborah has forged long-lasting and positive relationships with many other professionals in the legal system in order to aide her in providing the best services to you.